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ImageKraft Photography - David J. Kraft

ImageKraft Photography is the fruition of a unique personal journey which began in the small towns of northeast Pennsylvania. At an early age, David J. Kraft’s love of photographic arts was perceived and nurtured in a Shamokin, PA high school art department. The recipient of several regional and national awards from Scholastic magazine, David was selected to attend the Pennyslvania Governor’s School for the Arts.

An early apprenticeship with a local photographer provided David the opportunity to not only master the technical aspects of the medium, but to develop his expressive style of capturing people and places in one moment of time. While obtaining his Journalism degree at Penn State University, he served as the assistant photo editor for the Daily Collegian.

David Kraft’s professional journey initially took him from photography and writing to a career in marketing, where he received numerous awards for excellence in video production. Now David has returned to his passion for still photography, capturing the essence of America’s landscapes from the beaches of the Atlantic, through the Midwestern heartland, to the deserts of the Southwest.

Although the tools of the photographer have changed from analog to digital, David believes this media can give expression to his artistic vision of the world. He sees photography as that fine art which allows each viewer to experience a mood, escape to another place or time, and thereby garner a unique appreciation for our world.